Student/Parent Audio-Visual Equipment Usage Agreement:

Computer Magnet students are often required to complete projects that may require the student to take
photographs, shoot video, or record sound away from the classroom. In order to make this possible, we
have equipment available for students to check out. This equipment includes, but is not limited to:
• digital video camcorders • tripods
• digital still cameras • batteries & chargers
• 35mm cameras • microphones & headphones
The above equipment is very expensive, state-of-the-art technology that has been acquired through
grants and district funds, and we are very proud to be able to offer this equipment for use to our
students so that they might better prepare themselves for media-related careers. The care and usage of
these items is of paramount importance, so that we can continue to offer this unique advantage to all of
our students. Therefore, we ask that the student and the parent carefully read and sign this agreement
before we check out equipment to the student. This signed agreement will remain valid through the
current school year, unless terminated due to failure to comply with the following terms.
I, , and my parent/guardian,
(student name, please print) (parent name, please print)
both agree to the following terms and conditions of borrowing audio/visual equipment from Computer
Magnet and Thomas Jefferson High School:
• I will demonstrate the utmost care and caution when borrowing any audio/visual equipment.
• While in my possession the borrowed equipment will remain with me, or will be stored safely in my
home (I will not leave the equipment in my car, or locker, or at a friend’s house, etc.).
• I will not lend the equipment to a friend or family member for his or her own private use.
• I will use the borrowed equipment only for the project that has been approved by my instructor.
• If the equipment is stolen I will file a police report immediately, and notify the instructor of the
• If the equipment is lost I understand that I am responsible for the replacement cost of the equipment.
•If the equipment is damaged while in my possession I understand that I am responsible for the repair
• I will not take any equipment home without checking it out personally from the instructor.
• I will return any borrowed equipment no later than 7:30 a.m. the following school day.
• If I am ill and/or unable to attend the school the following day, I realize that it is still my
responsibility to return the equipment on time, and will have a friend or parent return it for me.
•I understand that any breech of this agreement will result in the discontinuation of my borrowing
(parent signature) (date)
(parent signature) (date)
Please contact Matt Spampinato at (720)423-7013 or with any questions
or concerns.

Click below to download and print the Computer Magnet Equipment Rental Agreement:

Note: Students can not check out equipment until the Equipment Rental Agreement is signed and returned.