Engineering Notebooks:
Every student in the class will maintain his/her own Engineering Notebook, which must be brought to class every day. Notebooks will be periodically collected and reviewed for a grade.

Any spiral notebook will do, but one that is quad-ruled, like either of these, is preferred:
National Brand Engineering and Science Notebook (Amazon)
Mead Quad Spiral Notebook (Office Max)

The Engineering Design Process helps engineers think through a problem and work toward a solution. We want our students to have experience with this process, as it is critical to teamwork and problem-solving. There are 8 critical steps to the process:
1. identify problem
2. research
3. brainstorm
4. choose and plan
5. create
6. test
7. redesign
8. share
There is no single correct answer to an engineering problem. It is possible for different engineers who are working on the same problem to come up with several different solutions. The Engineering Notebooks will allow students to document their problems, solutions, ideas, and successes throughout the year.