9-15-2010 Newspaper Writing Prompt:
When considering writing an article for publication, there are many considerations that a writer my process before, during and after the writing is done. Here are three of those critical aspects that must be considered:
1. Has the topic been explored thoroughly?
2. Is all of the information accurate?
3. Is this article interesting and compelling for my audience?

For today’s writing assignment, I would like you to choose one of your articles that you have written this year, and answer the following questions:
1. How could I have explored my topic more thoroughly?
2. What steps could I have taken to provide more accurate information?
3. How could I have made this article more interesting and compelling for my audience?

Please follow this format for today’s writing:
• Paragraph 1: provide an overview of the article you have written.
• Paragraphs 2, 3, 4: answer each of the above questions separately in each paragraph.
• Paragraph 5: provide a conclusion statement about your article, and how you will approach the writing process in the future.
Please limit your answer to between 250 and 500 words
Please include the standard class heading, double space, and print your essay.
Your time limit is 30 minutes.